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The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State


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Big Pharmaceutical

A long time ago people either smoked or they didn''t. It was no big deal becauseit wasn''t an issue.The people of earth got along fine knowing they had freedom of choice without even knowing they had it.

Then some really smart guys in white coatsthat work for Big Pharmaceutical got together and said, "Hey, we are always getting slammed when one of our drugs takes a dirt nap." "Wouldn''t it be great if everyone in the world had to buy their nicotine from us?!" "Think of the money we could make... wow!"

Unfortunately there wasn''t anyone around with two working brain cells to slap them on the knuckles and tell them to go home and thank God they are free citizens.

So it came to pass that Big Pharmaceutical paid groups, now known as "Antis" to make smoking politically incorrect. Antis are very rich people today. (But this backfired on Big Pharmaceutical when theycreated this monsterbecauseas the tobacco money is running out, the Antis are going after other things, like your waistline.)

The Antismade it so horrible to use a legal product that people can be beat up and killed in the name of the Smoking War, and no one will bat an eyelash. After all, smokers don''t count, they don''t have any rights, and who will stand up for a cause thatthey created and made taboo? That whole bit about Second Hand Smoke kills went out the window the day they started including smokeless tobacco on the bans. The "For the good of the children" went down the drain when over time not one dime has gone to the children and all the money grabbing is as obvious as the nose on your face.

Have we, as the human race, learned anything from all of this? Nope. It''s all about the money. It won''t stop until all freedom-loving citizens of the planet stand up and say they have had enough. Stop this and spend money on serious stuff like feeding starving children instead of taking rights with a legal product away from adults. Don''t allow the Antis to create a problem where there was none for their own gain.

As for those guys in the white coats... way to go Bubba! Not since Hitler have we seen a bigger and more messed up attempt to change the human race.

Please read these things from smarter people then us that will prove what you just read:

Forces: Big Drug''s Nicotine War
Updated research work from Wanda Hamilton on the political and financial motivations of the wars for the control of the nicotine world market. The immense financial and political interests of pharmaceutical conglomerates are at the base of the world-wide campaigns of disinformation on smoking.
At stake is the control of the largest market known to humanity, with an estimated 1.2 billion customers on this planet. The projected financial returns to the pharmaceutical multinationals from smoking "cessation" (which, in reality, is not cessation, but a different way to assume nicotine) are truly staggering, and beyond the imagination of the layperson; and they are well worth the multi-billion dollar investments by the multinationals in the corruption of international and national institutions, politicians, as well as media control.

At The Service Of The Pharmaceutical Industry
It wants to run all aspects of our lives for generations to come under the flag of the "health revolution."

Let''s Kill Them For Their Own Good
Zyban kills. Not even deaths get in the way of antismoking propaganda.

Pharmaceutical Multinationals:
Buying governments, selling antismoking. It is not a coincidence that the pharmaceutical giants pay antismoking activists all over the world to instigate hysteria and mass hatred against smokers.

WHO''s Tobacco Free Initiative
is sponsored for over 70% by the pharmaceutical industries that supply NRT products.

The Nicotine War

Grants Listand Totals and RWJF income database sheet.

Smoking Solution Becoming Problem.
Instead of smoking, she got her fix from nicotine gum, and quickly found herself hooked.

Pharmaceutical nicotine
wants a smoking ban to coerce a consumer choice of their "Smoke Free nicotine delivery device gum, patch, lozenge and inhaler products. Tribes support a statewide smoking ban to receive the benefits of a virtual monopoly to accommodate patrons who smoke in their smoking-ban-exempt facilities. And WRA wants segregation of smokers to accommodate their large chain members "Smoke Free" decisions without being encumbered by loss of meals served at other restaurants that have Designated Smoking Areas. None of those agendas concern legitimate public health issues. Each of those agendas are dedicated to the individual interests of the groups that advance them.

Smoking Cessation Pharmaceuticals and Tobacco Control (Sweanor, 1998)
- Developing the Partnership - Author: David Sweanor. There is a huge and global interest in tobacco control. While the efforts at tobacco control vary in terms of techniques and effectiveness, there is no doubt that many of these activities have resulted in significant reductions in smoking and significant increases in the proportion of smokers who wish to quit. There is also a huge potential market for pharmaceutical cessation products, although the sales of these products vary greatly from country to country, and in no case are these sales more than a tiny fraction of what could be achieved.

Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies
By Richard Smith. The Problem: Less to Do with Advertising, More to Do with Sponsored Trials.

Lies About Smoking Bans
Because they received $99,000,000.00 from the Nicoderm people at RWJF, here''s the grant info from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Read.
Does the Pioneer Press receive financial rewards for spreading lies, regarding your story here.
Corrections are here.
Further facts to inform your readers, if you were so inclined to present the facts, local government testing proves secondhand smoke is NOT A HAZARD.
Read 1, 2, 3.
The Pioneer Press has their own agenda I know......but you''re selling yourself short, the Johnson & Johnson people at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have paid $200,000,000.00+ for people like you to like about secondhand smoke & smoking bans, if you''re going to print lies you might as well put your hands out, the Nicoderm folks will pay you well for them.
Mark Wernimont
Global Air Filtration Systems Inc.

More Articles on Big Pharmaceutical


_PUBLISHEDON: 2005-02-04 (13109 reads)

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